DragonCon 2017 Pregens 

Cassiopiea the White Witch / Cassiopeia's Familiar / Spells / Spellbook (Familiar)

Cy'Kill / Spells

Dwarven Fighter

Elven Wizard / Spellbook 

Ghoul Fighter

Half-Elf Ranger / Spells

Half-Orc Barbarian

Half-Orc Monk

Standard Halfling Rogue

Unchained Halfling Rogue

Good Human Cleric / Spells

Sir Rodderick (Paladin) / Spells

Tengu Evil Cleric / Spells

Saelnys The Undying / Spells

Zorlanda the Mad Chemist / Formulae


Changes to pregens must be done before sitting down at the table.

Changing Pregens spells:

Memorized spells: Players can change the memorized spells of pregens by using a Spell Memorization Sheet and choosing the memorized spells.

Known Spells: Players must use a blank sheet of paper listing the spells swapped.  List player name and character name

Modifying a Pregen:

Pregens are not 100% complient with Character Generation Rules it is the player responsiblity to ensure rules are complied with for the modifications they make.  Two ways exist to change a pregen and are detailed below

  1. Use a Herolabs machine to open and modify the Pregen, which in essence makes it a brand new character and no longer a pregen.
  2. Record on a blank sheet of paper the changes the players wishes to make.  
    1. List what is removed and next to that what is added.  (e.g. "remove feat greater cleave - add feat improved sunder" "remove 3 skill points from intimidate - add 2 skill points to perform comedy and 1 to perception")
    2. You must turn in this change sheet when you are finished playing so ensure it has the players name and the character name. 

Modified pregens no longer qualify for the "Pregen Mercy Rule"