Six players will battle it out using Arena Combat Rules.  The winner will be crowned The King of Cheese.

How to Get into the Finals:

  • 6 Finalists: 2 contestants from each alignment: Good, Neutral and Evil.

o   Most Rooms Completed: Most rooms completed in a single run; considered 1st place for that alignment.

o   Total Rooms Completed: Total rooms completed in course of the tournament by a player for an alignment; considered 2nd place for that alignment

o   If the number of rooms completed is the same: Use the shortest time.

  • Alternates: If a finalist slot is open due to a finalist not making it or someone winning more than one slot.
    • A contestant that is present at the finals will be choosen by most rooms completed adding up ALL alignments. (This will give us the 'best' players in the finals, no fun slots this year, all merit)
    • That player will be required to play an alignment of the one they are filling. Using the longest run for that alignment as the character of entry. If none of their entrants were of that given alignment TCG staff will determine which entrant gets his alignment changed.
  • You MUST use the character that has the most rooms completed in a single run for the alignment you qualify (on a tie player gets to choose).
  • If a player qualifies in more than one alignment they get to choose which alignment they use in the finals.  Pick the character according to that alignment.


No Show At the Finals:

At the finals if a finalist does not show an alternate will be chosen to take that persons slot. 


Doing Really Good:

If a player secures more than one finalist slot they will be given the awards and prizes for all that they qualified

  • Example: A Play secured most rooms completed by an Evil PC (using Fred the Ghoul) and 2nd most rooms by a Good PC (Fred the Paladin).  He would get the trophies and prizes for both of those and one alternate will be brought in from the alternate pool for the finals.  The player would get to choose which alignment he competes with that he won to get into the finals.  Alternate(s) will be used to fill the other slot.


In the Finals but Cannot make it to the Finals:

If a player knows they are in the finals and also know they cannot make it to the finals or cannot stay for the finals they can come early and pick up their prizes and trophy and an alternate will take their place in the finals.

Alternates gain any prizes not already claimed by the finalist.

Finalist Running Late:

We will attempt to start the finals on time (not early).  If a finalist is not there by the time we declare the 6 finalists we will pick an alternate to take their place.  If a finalist shows up after the alternate has been chosen they will not be able to bump the alternate; sorry their slot in the finals is forfeited due to tardiness.

If you know you are in the finals and KNOW you will be running late you must let the staff know.  We will ask the alternates if they are willing to wait for you to show and how much time to give you.  Therefore be nice to other contestants they may save your butt if you are running late.