1. Create a new hero using File->New Portfolio
  2. Put the character name in Hero Name
  3. Put your name in Player Name
  4. Type: Hero (PC)
  5. Choose Point Buy: High Fantasy, 20 (you will spend 40 when you set attributes.  Go to overspent by 20)
  6. Starting Level set to 9
  7. Starting cash set to 62,000gp
  8. Alliance: Ally of Party
  9. Configure your Hero Settings (the checkboxes on the right)  Select the following:
    1. Pathfinder Society Content (no Restrictions)
    2. Advanced Players Guide Preview
    3. Beastiary
    4. Select any Additional Books you are using that are not Core
    5. Medium Advancement
    6. Unrestricted Traits (When you buy 3 it will still say you should have only 2, but it is ok to pick 3, also you can go to the adjust tab and add a permante change to increase the number of traits)
    7. Max HPs at New Levels
    8. Hide Ammo
  10. Build your character!
  11. Select a portrait for your PC (this will be brought automatically into d20Pro).  We have placed a lot of pics in the images folder to choose from.
  12. Save your PC on S:\PC Herolabs
  13. Export or save your d20Pro files to S:\PC d20Pro
  14. Visit the CA and they can print your character sheet for a $1 donation.

Remember you MUST have a copy of the book that has content if it is not in the core books (Pathfinder Role Playing Guide or Beastiary)  Using items from the books if you do not have a copy (print out or on thumbdrive/CD) of the document your character will be disqualified.