The Cheese Grinder


The Cheese Grinder XII: The Cheese Wheel is a-rolling


Players create their biggest cheesiest 11th level Pathfinder character, using our rule set and are thrown into a dungeon of death to see how long they can survive.   

This is a round robin style play tournament. Six players sit down and play begins.  When one character is killed, the next player takes that person's seat at the table and play continues. The party will change often. One minute a balanced party, the next all bards (but who takes a bard to The Cheese Grinder?).  You may last 10 hours you may only last 10 seconds.  The Cheese Grinder starts Friday at 1pm and does not stop till Sunday 1pm.  That’s right 48 hours non-stop. 

Six (or more) players will be chosen for the finals Sunday night to fight it out in an arena of death to see who will be crowned the King of Cheese.  It could be you! 

Prepare yourself to fight creatures of legend.  80%+ of room will be combat this year.  Stumble through traps of true brutality.  Wrack your brain on puzzles, riddles and questions that would try any hero young and old.  So brush up on your tactics, ready your reflexes and prepare for insanity.


Pregens available


We will be using d20Pro (by Mindgene) Virtual Table Top software to help speed up game play.  If players know the system they are welcomed to use as much as they want.  By default it will be used as a map tool only.  Players not familiar with d20Pro are encouraged to roll their own dice.

Please feel free to create your character ahead of time and bring them with you on CD or a thumb drive. (We need the Herolab .por file and a d20Pro export of the creature as well) 


The Cheese Grinder XII Reginals

Held at: RinCon Ocotober 10th - October 12th, 2014


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